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Online U.S. School Competition

What is ArcGIS?
ArcGIS Online​ is a website tool used to make interactive maps in a fun, easy way. It is highly accessible for high school and middle school students, and aims to help young learners share and create maps about something in their home states.
What is a Story Map?
A Story Map is an interactive map that tells a story using images, videos and text. There are many forms a story map can take, including a Virtual Tour, a Journal, a Cascade and more!
How do I make a Story Map?
Templates for all kinds of story maps are readily available on the ArcGIS website. Along with single story maps, students can also use these templates to make a Map Series, Map Comparisons, or Crowdsourced Picture Maps - and even create their own!  Detailed instructions for how to make a map can be found below.
About the Competition.
The theme for this year is 'Envision your Outdoor Classroom'. We challenge Florida students to find an area in their school, neighborhood, or community that they believe would make a great outdoor classroom. Take photos, do a virtual tour, or even tell us about the history of the chosen place. But most importantly, tell us why you think it would make a good environment to learn and interact with nature. What species of plant, bird and insect live there? What species would you like to see there in the future? What does the space mean to you and your community? Use these questions to share your vision through a well-crafted story map.
Eligible students must be under the age of 19, registered in grades 4-12, and any school may submit a maximum of 5 entries total. All entries must be made with ArcGIS Online, and all participants must fill out an an entry form (student to school, school to state) and a Release Form before submission. Content of the maps must focus on material within Florida's state borders. All school submission forms must be sent to flgiscompetition@ispa.fsu.edu.
The state submission deadline is May 8th, 2019. The top five students in each category will receive a medal, plaque and financial reward of $100 (teams will be split evenly). The top placing entry from each category will earn automatic entry into the National ArcGIS Competition by ESRI. Across the country, one HS project and one MS project will be chosen as the national winner and earn a trip to the 2018 Esri Education Summit in San Diego, CA. More details about entries and judging criteria can be found here.

Create your very own Story Map sharing your vision for an Outdoor Classroom.



Congratulations to the top placing entries for the state of Florida 2019! 

Courtney StanleyGause Academy
         Scholastic Walk Thru Nature

Giovanni Sanchez | Gause Academy
         Circle B Bar Reserve

Jonathon Mims | Gause Academy
         Circle B Bar Reserve

Amanda Rodriguez | Gause Academy

         Circle B Bar Reserve

National Rankings can be found here.

Step 1
Make an Organization Account with ArcGIS Online. Any U.S. K12 School (including public, non-public or home schools) can request an Organization account for free here.
Step 2
While you wait for your Esri Organization account to process, look over the Help Document to explore, discover, and brainstorm ideas for your local map entry. This is the perfect time to form questions about the map-making process, and to contact flgiscompetition@ispa.fsu.edu for any further assistance you may need.
Step 3
Start by creating your own map, then choose a Story Map Template to start developing your story, and share with the rest of the world!
Step 4
Fill out and submit an entry form (student to school, school to state) and a Release Form. Schools determine the date of their own, school-wide competition on an individual basis. Students fill out the "Students To School" form to submit their project to the relevant school. Teachers at each school determine their top 5 entries. (They should be mindful of the scoring rubrics used at the state and national levels.) Once selected, teacher/s at each school may copy and paste information from the top 5 student entries into the "School To State" entry form, and submit to flgiscompetition@ispa.fsu.edu.
Step 5
The Deadline to submit to your state is May 8th, 2019. Keep an eye out for the state and national winners to be announced on June 3th, 2019.

Submissions are now CLOSED!

Have a question about the competition? Send us a message!

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