What is the gogreen project?

Florida GoGreen is a K12 Project in conjunction with Florida Geographic Alliance, the Central Florida GIS Workshop team and Esri.


The purpose of this project is to inform and promote The Florida Wildlife Corridor, "a statewide network of lands and waters that supports wildlife and people. It's mission is the conservation of Florida wildlife. The Wildlife Corridor organization trekked 1,000 miles across Florida – twice – to demonstrate the need and opportunity to connect wild places in Florida. Florida Wildlife Corridor is now embarking on its most important journey – to accelerate the rate of conservation in Florida by 10% annually in order to protect 300,000 acres within the Corridor by the end of 2020." 


The GoGreen project is a series of student-made story maps that illustrates where the Wildlife Corridor travels through their counties. Students will analyze their county green space and make suggestions of ways to increase the presence of the Corridor. By mapping the wildlife in their hometowns, GoGreen aims to raise awareness and curiosity in students of the Sunshine State.


One of the predictors of habitat loss is land fragmentation. In a state known for its species diversity and abundance of wildlife land fragmentation is studied and conservation efforts to preserve habitat areas is of primary importance.

By creating a GoGreen map, you will be given the opportunity to analyze and study several type of land classifications and their relationship to habitat preservation. 

Map Instructions

After following the instructions to create your ArcGIS Esri account, navigate to the Story Map Maker and choose the template that best works for you. Then, in a new window, open our Florida GoGreen Story Map and read all of the instruction tabs carefully. This example project breaks down each step in examining the Wildlife Corridor in your county, and how to map it for yourself! You will also learn important information about the mapping process, and how real life geographers work to record the wildlife in Florida. For questions refer to the Help Document, or contact us at flgiscompetition@ispa.fsu.edu.